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Why do you ride?
For the freedom. I love to be outside and what is better than getting a workout in while you do it.

Describe the best day you've had on a bike.

It’d have to be crossing the finish line at the ABSA Cape Epic last March. Was 8 hard days of cycling, and knowing that we were able to suffer like we did, and still have a smile was a really special feeling.


What was your first bike?

Mongoose IBOC. Hardtail and full of fancy coloured aluminum bits.

What's your favourite local trail?
Cadillac into Andre’s.

When I'm not riding I'm...
Chasing kids. Taxiing kids. Cleaning up after kids. Drinking a beer.

What's your nickname?

What's your favourite post-ride meal?
Bubbly water and something salty like a turkey sandwich.

What's the best advice you've received?
I asked a good friend about how I can go faster. He quite honestly said “have you ever just tried to go faster”?

Who inspires you?
In regards to cycling, I’ve never really had an inspiration. I’ve had a lot of motivators, in that, there are a few of the Pedalhead crew, that push me to train more, go faster, and guide me like a coach would.

Tell us something that most people don’t know about you.
I was a professional musician for several years, touring the US.

Top Results
2015 Cape Epic - Finisher
2015 24 Hours of Adrenalin (solo) - 4th, 40+ age group

Bike Quiver

Norco Revolver FS
Cannondale Fat CAAD
Cannondale SuperX Hi-Mod

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