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Service is still pretty steady, but Cyclocross is just around the corner so do not feel afraid to book your bike in (Cyclocross bike, Mountain Bike, Fat bike, etc...) to get it race ready for the fall. 
Pedalhead Bicycle Works provides Edmonton with professional service for many types of bikes.  With a wide range of bike parts and bike accessories available, our experienced mechanics will tune your bike as if it were their own.  To make an appointment to have your bike tuned, give us a call at (780) 433-2085. NOTE: To avoid a cleaning fee, please clean your bike before dropping it off for a tune.


The Level 1 Tune-up includes:


  • Derailleurs adjusted

  • Shift cables & housing inspected

  • Brakes adjusted

  • Brake pads & cables/housing/hoses inspected

  • Wheels  trued

  • Hubs, headset and bottom bracket adjusted

  • Chain, pulleys and pivots lubed

  • Safety checked

  • Test ridden



The Mechanic's Bike Tune-up includes:


  • Everything included in the LEVEL 2 Tune-up

  • More in-depth wheel trueing

  • Clean and lube drivetrain

  • Torque suspension pivots to spec



The Race Room Bike Overhaul includes:


  • Everything included in the Mechanic's Tune-up

  • Overhaul headset

  • Overhaul hubs

  • Clean and re-install bottom bracket

  • Bleed hydraulic brakes


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