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Pedalhead's adding to our 25 yr old Wednesday Night Group Ride with the all new Wednesday Night Gravel Ride!! Have you recently purchased a gravel bike and are wondering where to ride it, or what it's capable of? Our Gravel Group Ride will cover those questions and give you a group to ride with and a ride leader to set the pace and route. Our regular Group Ride is a weekly mountain bike group ride that explores Edmonton's best singletrack trails. No membership is required -- we just ask that you consider us for your next purchase. This page is updated when the ride status changes.

Wednesday Night Group Ride for May 31 is ON!! We will be preparing to leave the shop after 6pm tonight. See ya there!


The Ride
- We now have 2 Group Rides: Mountain Bike and Gravel! Gravel is designed for drop-bar bikes with off-road capable tires.
- Choose a group that suits your level of ability and fitness: Intermediate and Advanced
- All groups will wait for slower riders, but please know how to get back to the shop in case you actually get lost.
- If you suffer a mechanical and it can be fixed within 5 minutes, the group will wait for you.

- Riders must be 18 years of age or older unless previously approved by shop staff (stop by or call to discuss)

The Groups


Intermediate - MTB riders should have reasonable off-road bike experience and be comfortable on most trails. Able to move at a moderate pace for 2+ hours with multiple stops.

Gravel riders should have ridden their bike off-pavement previously, and be able to ride at a moderate pace(15-25kmph) for 2+hours with multiple stops.

Advanced - MTB riders should be comfortable riding on any and all levels of terrain at a high speed. Can ride 2+ hours with very few stops. Possible sport level racing experience.

Gravel riders should have gravel riding experience or advanced road riding experience, and be able to ride off-pavement for 2+hours at higher pace(20-30 kmph) with minimal rest stops.

The When and Where
- We leave from the shop at 6:00 p.m and return around 8:30.
- Parking is available in our front or rear stalls or on 66th ave, but not the motel lot.
- Please arrive tuned up, hydrated and ready to ride. We have a floor pump, multitool and bottle of chain lube available for you to use.

The Requirements
- You need a helmet, flat repair gear and whatever food/water you require. We sell all of it. Show up early and we'll be happy to help.
- All riders must sign a waiver before their first ride of the season. These are available at the shop before every ride.

The Fine Details
- To preserve the quality of our trails, we don't ride in wet/muddy conditions.
- Group leaders are volunteers. Group riders are out for a fun time. Play nice and have fun.
- Consult this page for ride status updates.



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