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Updated: Sep 25, 2021

By now most of you know that bikes and bike parts are challenging to find, with shortages and shipping challenges making it difficult to walk into our shop and easily get what you're looking for. For 2022, purchasing a bike will be interesting......many bike manufacturers are no longer allowing shops to place orders for the bikes they want, rather they are "allotting" us bikes based on our recent history of ordering. In short, Pedalhead was given our allotted bikes for 2022 without the ability to special order or add to this allotment. We'll still have plenty of awesome bikes to choose from, but ordering outside of what we currently have on order for next year isn't an option. That said, we are taking deposits on 2022 models that have been allotted to our shop.

A good number of customers have asked why this is happening and why isn't it getting better for 2022?? Here's some issues that are helping create this bike/bike part shortage:

-Allotments are happening because manufacturers had to place their orders with factories and parts vendors waaaaaaaaay earlier than usual, in order to secure production time and get bikes to us in a timely fashion. So they only have a set amount of model XYZ that they produced(ordered) and now have to decide which country and/or shop gets model XYZ. Part of their decision is based on past ordering history, part on how cool we are :)

-Bike factories can only work so fast to produce cool stuff, and they're still trying to dig out from selling every bike in the world during 2020. Normally, at the end of the Canadian bike season, there's about 225,000 unsold bikes in the country. At the end of 2020, there were about 1,800.

-Bike factories have had COVID outbreaks in the past year, like other businesses, reducing their ability to operate at full throttle.

-Raw materials to produce bikes and parts have in some cases been diverted to other industries....often to produce PPE.

-Cardboard for bike boxes, shipping containers to put those bike boxes into, and vessels to transport said containers are in short supply.

-Ports that receive vessels that contain bikes are backed up 3 weeks in some cases. By the time the bikes make it to port, wait their turn to be off-loaded, and then clear customs and make it onto trucks that deliver to our shop, a 6-8 weeks have been added to their eta.

So it's not an easy problem to solve, but manufacturers are working hard to get things back on track! Be patient, shop early, and most importantly get out and have fun on your new bike when you get it!

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