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WHAT'S UP WITH 2021?!?!

So 2021 is starting off crazy in the bike world.....but is anyone really surprised?! Bikes and bike parts are in very short supply, with customers pre-purchasing a good portion of '21 stock early. Cyclocross is happening in Europe at the Elite level, with Pedalhead's own Sidney McGill putting in some awesome performances against the world's best. At any time, going on Zwift means you're riding with 10,000 other isolating individuals. The local trails are busier than ever with riders enjoying snow covered singletrack, making studded tires and fatbikes hot commodities. Normal really isn't a "thing" anymore, so we're learning to just roll with it, try to find bike product wherever we can, and make time to ride and train. We hope you're doing the same, while staying safe and healthy!

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