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Your local bike shop believes that service comes first. It's the reason we remember your name, and the reason we'd rather meet you in person than over the internet.

Your local bike shop does not require you to buy a membership to be a customer.

Your local bike shop lives and breathes bicycle culture. We work here because we're cyclists and we enjoy turning others into cyclists.

Your local bike shop is part of the community. We're proud to support cycling fundraisers, maintain our trails, and organize bike races.


Your local bike shop is independent. The owner actually works in the shop, lives in Edmonton, and repairs many of the bikes that come through our door.

Your local bike shop supports our local economy. We buy supplies locally, support local independent businesses, and pay taxes.

Your local bike shop believes that quality is more important than quantity. We grow our business by earning your business.

Your local bike shop is an authorized retailer of all of our brands. We support Canadian distributors who, in turn, support cycling in Canada. We do not carry "grey market" products or products which we are not authorized to sell.

Your local bike shop understands Edmonton. We ride on our roads & trails, we wake up to the same riding conditions as you, and we understand how lucky and privileged we are to be cyclists in this amazing city.


Support local independent bike shops.

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